BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
llvm-r316199[GlobalsAA] Fix a pretty terrible bug that has been in GlobalsAA forChandler Carruth3 months
masterAdd llvm-strip link to llvm-objcopy.Chih-Hung Hsieh3 weeks
release_31Allow multiple -arm-enable-ehabi and -arm-enable-ehabi-descriptorsAndrew Hsieh5 years
release_32Remove unnecessary (and mismatched) mkdtemp declaration.WenHan Gu5 years
release_33Merge "python: AC_PATH_PROG -> AC_PATH_PROGS and fix search order" into relea...Andrew Hsieh4 years
release_34Merge "python: AC_PATH_PROG -> AC_PATH_PROGS and fix search order" into relea...Andrew Hsieh4 years
release_35Merge "[3.5] writable .gcc_except_table for mips[64]" into release_35Andrew Hsieh4 years
release_36[X86] Always return the sret parameter in eax/rax, even on 32-bitReid Kleckner3 years
upstream-master[SCEV] Improve zext(A /u B) and zext(A % B)Tim Shen9 hours
upstream-mirror[SelectionDAG] set dereferenceable flag when expanding memcpy/memmoveHiroshi Inoue12 months
llvm-svn.328901llvm-svn.328901.tar.gz  Yi Kong8 weeks
llvm-svn.328903llvm-svn.328903.tar.gz  Pirama Arumuga Nainar2 months
llvm-svn.326829llvm-svn.326829.tar.gz  Chih-Hung Hsieh3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-31Add llvm-strip link to llvm-objcopy.HEADmasterChih-Hung Hsieh
2018-04-27[x86] Switch EFLAGS copy lowering to use reg-reg form of testing forChandler Carruth
2018-04-27[x86] Fix PR37100 by teaching the EFLAGS copy lowering to rewrite usesChandler Carruth
2018-04-27[X86] In X86FlagsCopyLowering, when rewriting a memory setcc we need to emit ...Craig Topper
2018-04-25[FastISel] Disable local value sinking by defaultReid Kleckner
2018-04-25[x86] Model the direction flag (DF) separately from the rest of EFLAGS.Chandler Carruth
2018-04-25Introduce a pass to begin more systematically fixing PR36028 and similar issues.Chandler Carruth
2018-04-25Align stubs for external and common global variables to pointer size.Rafael Espindola
2018-04-25[x86] Expose more of the condition conversion routines in the public APIChandler Carruth
2018-04-10[MemorySSA] Be less aggressive with @llvm.lifetime.startPirama Arumuga Nainar