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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-03Add system/libhwbinder to build-tools manifestbuild-toolsAlessio Balsini
2020-06-26Add go-cmp, go-creachadair-shell, go-subcommands to the build-tools manifestSasha Smundak
2020-06-19Add AutoValue and its dependencies to the manifestColin Cross
2020-06-01Add go-etree to the build-tools manifestSasha Smundak
2020-05-21Fix build-tools buildJooyung Han
2020-05-19Fix build-tools buildDan Willemsen
2019-12-18Added RBE client project to the manifestInna Palant
2019-12-16Add golang-x-sync, golang-x-tools, go-creachadair-stringset repositoriesSasha Smundak
2019-12-09Add external/bc to build-toolsDan Willemsen
2019-12-09Add external/libffi for python3Dan Willemsen
2019-10-29build-tools: Add OpenJDK 11 toolchain to manifest.Pete Gillin
2019-07-31HIDL!Steven Moreland
2019-07-30Fix build-tools build by adding clang-tools prebuiltsDan Willemsen
2019-06-27Add Kythe and repositories it needsSasha Smundak
2019-06-14Add external/fmtlib to aosp-build-toolsColin Cross
2019-04-09Add projects for RBE protosDan Willemsen
2019-02-20Add external/bzip2 to the manifest.Elliott Hughes
2019-02-17Add cpython2 dependenciesDan Willemsen
2019-02-04Add jsoncpp to the build-tools manifestColin Cross
2019-01-31Add side-branch notification to manifest.Ian Kasprzak
2019-01-24Add glibc-2.17 to repo manifestsGeorge Burgess IV
2019-01-10Add nsjail to build-tools manifestDan Willemsen
2018-10-29Add boringssl, pcre, and selinux for building toyboxDan Willemsen
2018-10-21Add bionic and dependencies for linux_bionicDan Willemsen
2018-10-04Add m4, make, one-true-awk, toybox to build-toolsDan Willemsen
2018-09-26Add cpython projects to build-toolsNan Zhang
2018-09-19Add external/jemalloc.Sasha Smundak
2018-07-12Add golang-protobufDan Willemsen
2018-06-18Add external/error_prone to the aosp-build-tools manifestColin Cross
2018-05-22Add flex to aosp build-toolsDan Willemsen
2018-03-09Add toolchain/xz to build-toolsDan Willemsen
2017-12-06aosp-build-tools manifest: add prebuilts/jdk/jdk9Tobias Thierer
2017-11-17Remove external/r8Dan Willemsen
2017-11-17Add projects for aidl and zipalignDan Willemsen
2017-10-24Add turbine to build-tools manifestNan Zhang
2017-09-22Add dx, d8, desugar, and jdk to build-tools manifestColin Cross
2017-04-13Add dependencies to build vndk abi tools.Jayant Chowdhary
2016-10-28Move build/ to build/make/Dan Willemsen
2016-04-13New manifest for building build tools prebuiltsColin Cross
2016-04-01Add prebuilts/build-tools.Xin Li
2016-03-29switch from external/sepolicy to system/sepolicyNick Kralevich
2016-03-24Add external/libconstrainedcrypto to the manifest.Mattias Nissler
2016-03-21manifest: Add testng and dependencies to manifestIgor Murashkin
2016-03-17Remove abi/cpp from the manifestColin Cross
2016-03-09Add platform/external/libmojoXin Li
2016-02-26Add device hikeyBill Yi
2016-02-23Add kernel/tests as net_tests is deprecated in system/extras.Bill Rassieur
2016-02-22Add Connectivity Test Tools to AOSP Master ManifestNathan Harold
2016-02-19Add external/google-benchmark to the manifest.Elliott Hughes
2016-02-17Add external/dtc.Bill Rassieur